Currently enrolled in Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California


Recently I had an opportunity to talk to a guy who has taken it upon himself to share with others the magnificent visions inspired by this enchanting innocence in an attempt to reunite them with their lost self. This is the story of Nick Gillin, the man behind the popular YouTube channel, Nassault.
— Vansh Murad Kalia




Media Producer for Oooojoooo


January 2014 – June 2014 (6 months)

                   As the lead content creator for Oooojoooo, producer and directed a video series presented at the International Space Development Conference & panel speaker in discussion on getting children involved in the exploration of outer-space. Once the children watched an episode, they would be presented with a task meeting CDE standards.

Created video demonstrating India Research and Space Organization’s “MOM” mission. Displayed in conference call with India’s Planetary Society

Photographer for Oregon State Parks

June 2015 – Present (2 months)

                Being a photographer for the Oregon State Parks requires understanding of the forest, wildlife and activities that go on in each unique biome. Each situation is as dynamic as the landscape within the parks and state, whether that means imaging a ranger while teaching mountain lion safety, or climbers on their midnight ascent of Mt. Hood. Photos are used for park brochure, official Instagram, Ranger presentation and other education means.


Trailer Director/Producer for Kerbal Space Program


2013 – 2014 (1 year) Squad

I produced several official game trailers. These trailers depicted the tone of the game, as well as new features being released - all within a unique cinematic narrative.


First Place in Inspiration Mars Student Design Contest



               Organized by the Mars Society and inspired by Dennis Tito, a respected engineer and space visionary, the competition brought together ten university student teams as finalists to present their design proposals for a two-person Mars flyby mission. As part of the Mars Society convention’s Saturday evening banquet, Dr. Zubrin and Mr. Tito officially announced the winner of the Inspiration Mars design contest as Team Kanau (Japan-U.S.), a multi-institutional contingent involving students from Keio University, Purdue University, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University, International Space University, Art Center College of Design, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology and Tokyo Jogakkan College.